Deploy continuously

Conveyor is a powerful new build and deploy tool. It's inspired by giants like Symfony2 and Composer and fits right into your workflow, simplifying your day to day work.

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Conveyor is still under heavy development, not yet feature complete and will contain bugs. It is not advised to use Conveyor for production environments yet.


Works with your favorite VCS

Conveyor supports the most popular version control systems. Git and Subversion are already supported and Mecurial will be added in the future.

Dead simple

Conveyor strives be as simple as possible. It uses a simple YAML file as configuration file, is interactive and asks smart questions before doing something crucial.

Clear and complete documentation

We strive to have clear and complete documentation. Conveyor provides in-app documentation and of course you can read more on the website.

Deploy to everywhere

Conveyor support all kinds of transfer protocols: ftp, sftp, ssh, rsync and more will be added in the future.

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